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Quick Bill

QuickBill is a business solution for small, midsize and large business operation from a single store to a large chain. It is scalable and complete solution for businesses at any stage. It provides greater control over the Inventory, POS / Trading operations along with financials. It's really quick in implementing and is simple, yet comprehensive to use with the power to support your growth plans.

Key Features: General

  • Flexible in price handling
  • Flexible in accepting customer and sales staff
  • Flexible in handling discounts, mark-up and mark-down
  • Simple and comprehensive search for items, customers & documents
  • Facility to capture any additional data in transaction as per business need in simple steps
  • Facility to create required masters on-the-fly
  • Option to support credit billing
  • Ability to send the documents by e-mail as attachment
  • Ability to send SMS to customers as part of the transaction
  • Inbuilt designer for document printing designs and barcode labels with QR code support
  • Support for random weight barcodes for weighing scale integration
  • Simple method to import masters, even with transaction details

Salient Features

Ezeetech Enterprise and integrated software solution for retailers


Completeness of Options

  • Sales , Sales Order , Delivery note, Quotation with reference to each other
  • Purchase , Purchase order, Receipt note with reference to each other
  • Transfer in , transfer out and item conversation
  • Managing receivables and payments , cash and bank transactions
  • Facility to capture foot-falls / walk-in
  • Support for multiple series for document numbering
Supply Chain

Comprehensive Master Management

  • Support for unlimited named prices and attributes for Items
  • Option to segregate retail and trade customer
  • Multiple mode of payment
  • Facility to define taxes , discounts, add-ons
  • Easy management of suppliers & branches
  • Simple steps to import masters from Excel

Security and Access Controls

  • Menu level access control for users
  • Ability to restrict creation, edit, cancel, Recall, import & Reprint option based on user rights
  • Control over the transaction date
Stock Audit

Reporting Features

  • Report with pivot feature
  • Facility to create unlimited user defined reports
  • Facility to save filter conditions as part of the reports
  • Graphical reports
  • Easy navigation between reports
  • Export to Excel, CSV, PDF and HTML

Multi-Store Support

  • Centralized master management and publishing
  • Centralized discount management
  • Data consolidation from branches / locations
  • Facility to view all reports location wise or consolidated

Other Features

  • Schedule option for data backup
  • Facility to upload the data backup to Google drive
  • Schedule option for data synchronization
  • Facility to send alert message to designated mobile, based on configuration
  • CRM and loyalty management
  • Multiple price for same item
  • Alternative UOM
  • QuickBill master data feed
  • Comprehensive sales promo/ offer management

Product Variants

Simple Solution for your Business

  • Quick Bill
  • Single User Edition
    For Standalone PC
  • INR 15,300
    +18% GST (INR 2,754)
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  • Quick Bill
  • Three User Edition
    For Three PCs
  • INR 22,500
    +18% GST (INR 4,050)
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  • Quick Bill
  • Five User Edition
    For Five PCs
  • INR 30,600
    +18% GST (INR 5,508)
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  • Quick Bill
  • Unlimited User Edition
    For Unlimited PCs
  • INR 45,000
    +18% GST (INR 8,100)
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